Classes at L’ATELIER.

2655 Reynard Way, San Diego, CA 92103.

Spring & Summer 2017

101 Silk screening class with Valentine Viannay

Dates:  Saturdays  10am-1:30pm, 20th May, 17th June, 15th July or 12th August.

Monday 26th June 10am-1:30pm.

$90 per student.

Learn the technique of silkscreening, small and large projects like making your own fabric, you can also bring your own project to print on too, like a shirt or bag.

You will you be using water base inks, print and paint on fabric, go home with on of a kind gifts for yourself or loved ones that you made yourself.

This class is small, four students at a time.

To book, send a check to L’Atelier is preferable for $90 per students or pay via paypal. Merci!

Indigo dyeing class with artist Valentine Viannay.

Dates:  Saturdays  10am-1:30pm, 27th May, or 5th August

Learn the magic of real natural indigo dyeing.

$90 per student. You will get all kinds of products to dye(totes/scarves/towels/aprons).

And you are welcome to bring your own project to dye, must be natural fibers.

The class will teach different techniques of dyeing fabric, learn how to mix dye.

This class is small, 4 spaces available.

To book, send a check to L’Atelier is preferable for $90 per students or pay via paypal. Merci!

Leather work class with Juanita Banuelos

Dates:  Saturdays  10am-1:30pm, 10th June, 8th July or 19th August.

Monday 24th July 10am-1:30pm.

Leather can be so intimidating to work with, but Juanita shows you multiple ways to be very creative with leather. With very few and simple tools she will show you how no make shapes, sew leather, even make your own bag or something small like a unique piece of jewelry.

Will teach you her magic tricks working with leather.

She is a master at making flowers and intricate shapes with leather.

All materials will be included to make your pieces, all levels are welcome.

Check Juanita’s work on instagram.

To book, send a check to L’Atelier is preferable for $95 per students or pay via paypal. Merci!

Colleen Townend Jewelry Class

Dates:  Saturdays  10am-1:30pm, 24th June, 22nd July or 26th August.

Monday 10th July 4-7:30pm

Bring your heirloom/vintage and keepsake pieces that have been hidden away and we'll give them some new life! Jewelry artist Colleen Townend is a master at reworking vintage pieces and will be at L'Atelier to show you her secrets for turning vintage treasures into wearable art.

Bring any and all pieces you'd like, necklaces, pendants, brooches, watches, coins, anything you think may be a candidate for a piece, Colleen will consult with you if you'd like help curating the right elements. If you don't have an heirloom to bring, there will be vintage pieces to purchase at the time of the workshop as well as other embellishments.

Fee is $95 and will include all materials and instruction and you'll be entered into a drawing for an exclusive Colleen Townend Jewelry giveaway. All skill levels are welcome. This workshop is not recommended for children under the age of 16.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Check out Colleen’s work on her instagram page

To book, send a check to L’Atelier is preferable for $95 per students, Merci!

Guilding class with Valentine Viannay

Saturday 3rd June, Sat 1st July, and Monday 14th August 10am to 1pm.

$90 per student.

We will be learning the old world way how to apply gold or silver leaf to any surface and walls.

All materials are included but if you have a frame or object that you have wanted to gold leaf you are very welcome to bring it along.

This class is small, four students at a time.

To hold your space please send a check to Valentine Viannay at L’Atelier.

Previous classes:

Please contact us if you would be interested to take any of the classes bellow.

Embroidery class!

With Valentine Viannay and Master Embroider Caroline Johnson

Saturday 4th March, 10am to 1pm.

$85 per student

You learn how to paint or silkscreen on the canvas tote and embellish your design with embroidery techniques. All materials included.

To book your space please send a check to L’Atelier

Crochet 101 class with Jazmin Ferrari

$50 per student, 16 years old and up.

Learn the basics of crochet !

This class is for beginners.

All materials are provided, this includes: a hook, yarn, and reference guides.

You will leave the class with the following skills :

1. How to hold your hook

2. Slip knot

3. Foundation chain

4. Single crochet stitch

5. Double crochet stitch

If time allows and depending on how everyone is doing we will cover the triple crochet stitch, half double crochet stitch, and how to read a pattern, and time for individual questions.

buy online or send a check to L’Atelier for $50 to secure a spot.

Make your own fancy wrapping paper with Valentine Viannay

$80 per student, all materials included.

We will use various artistic techniques to embellish paper to make unique gift wrap for the holidays!

To hold your space please send a check to Valentine Viannay at L’Atelier or buy online

Feng Shui work shop with Interior Designer Rachel Larraine.

We'll be discovering the ancient wisdom of the classical Bagua and the energies 2016 brings. Learn how to enhance the Guas for Love, Wealth, Health and more. I've noticed that this year has brought in some odd or off energy into our spaces so we'll also be discussing the remedies for the non-supportive energy that this year has brought into our homes and businesses. In addition we'll also be calculating your own personal Trigram so you can arrange your home or office in ways that support you and your intentions for the rest of this Fire Monkey year. 

We'll have small bites and refreshments along with a sparkly crystal pop-up shop! 

Artist Igor Koutsenko, monotype (engraving) printing class.

Is a master engraver from Russia.

This class he will introduce you to Monotype.

Do not miss this if you want to learn the magic of old world printing techniques.

Class will be around 4 hours, $90 per student.

All materials will be included to make your pieces, students with drawing skill will benefit the most from this class. 7 spaces will be available.

Igor’s facebook page

Email us if you are interested.

If you are an artist or designer and want to share and teach,

please contact us.

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