KEVIN INMAN  - Art Show - 17th September - 14th October 2022

KEVIN INMAN - Art Show - 17th September - 14th October 2022

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All new oil paintings by Kevin. Reception will be from 1pm - 5pm 17th Sept.

Kevin Inman was born in 1980 in Honolulu, and grew up on US military bases around the US and Japan. He attended the University of Valencia, Spain, and received a BA from the University of Virginia. He graduated with an MFA in 2008 from Radford University. Formerly a website developer, he has focused on painting since 2011. Inman is the recipient of numerous awards including the San Diego Art Prize, and his work has appeared in publications including Lonny, Mother Jones, and House Beautiful.

“I seek subject matter that excites me visually and resonates with me on a metaphorical level. I prefer to work from life, painting and drawing directly from the subject. This is not so much about rejecting the ubiquity of the photographic gaze, more that I am bored by sitting around painting from a screen when I’d rather be outside or interacting with a model. 

I began painting termite tents when I moved to San Diego in 2009. Although I’ve lived in many places, I’d never seen one before. I’m intrigued by the way they transform the spaces they are in and by the cultural ramifications of that. For the past several years, friends have let me know when they see termite tents and, since the tents come down quickly, I rush over to paint them ASAP. I painted these pictures on location and for the most part they have been left in a raw state, I didn’t touch them up to improve them in the studio.”

-Kevin Inman

 We have many paintings of Kevin in stock starting at $150, please contact us if you love his style.